Experimental Gathering?

The “experiment” in Mosaic: An Experimental Gathering is less about what we’re doing, and more about how we’re doing it.


We’re daring to prove that:


…a truly secure container can be co-created, providing a space to gather, connect, and radically express ourselves without fear.


…when given a canvas and a system that is conducive to collaboration, our community members can collaboratively whip up all the fantastic content needed for an enriching and transformative experience, resulting in positive ripples in themselves and the world around us.


…by trading profit interests for an Accessibility Pledge and asking participants to chip in financial offerings based on their means, we’re aiming to assemble a gathering teeming with participants who are destined to be here, regardless of their financial situation.


…the results of our experimentation within Mosaic, laid out transparently for all to see, can be a catalyst for groundbreaking change within the festival and event industry.


…personal growth and community development can be fun when shared. We learn. We Dance. We grow. We dance. We challenge ourselves. You guessed it – we dance.


Join us in the lab as we blend true co-creation, magical creative expression, accessibility, full transparency, with the intention to grow and celebrate life together. Through this experimentation, we’re reimagining the way we gather, evolve, and transform our communities.


Transparency is not just a value to us; it’s an absolute commitment. We believe in laying everything bare, starting with a clear breakdown of our expenses. As co-creators in a community-focused gathering like Mosaic, we believe it’s important for all of us to understand what it takes to sustain this project.


Our commitment to transparency extends beyond a breakdown of expenses; it involves a promise from the Mosaic team. We are dedicated to responsibly using your financial offerings and donations, vigilantly working to lower expenses, and consistently striving to increase accessibility to ensure that Mosaic remains a sustainable and inclusive project.

Total Minimum Budget for Mosaic 2024: $16,445

◼ Production – $7,500

◼ Essential Services – $2,000

◼ Scholarships – $750

◼ Marketing – $1,200

◼ Recouping 2023 Losses – $4,995

◼ Venue – $0

Production - $7,500

Lighting, Sound and Power

Financing all of the necessary elements to bring Mosaic to life. Despite generous discounts from our partners, we need $7,500 to cover the essentials and enhance the production. Production costs will include providing funding to Creators as needed, to help offset their hard costs, such as propane, generator fuel and/or special equipment rental costs.

Essential Services - $2000

Security, Harm Reduction and Medical

Creating a safe space is our top priority at Mosaic. It surpasses everything else. The minimum $2,000 donation allocation to this section ensures that we prioritize safety over everything—more critical than music, presentations, or performances is security, harm reduction, and medical services. Without a container of safety, we cannot foster a culture of vulnerability where our community can truly open up.

Scholarships - $750 - Unlimited

Financial Assistance For Those Who Need It

Mosaic has set a goal of raising a minimum of $750 to allocate toward scholarships for 2024. This targeted fund will be fully dedicated to covering the minimum financial offering for at least 10 Mosaic participants, providing essential financial support for individuals in need. Your generous financial offerings play a crucial role in making Mosaic accessible to more community members. To learn more about Mosaic’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and accessibility, please read our Accessibility Pledge below. Your support contributes directly to creating an environment where more community members, regardless of financial constraints, can participate and benefit from the transformative experience at Mosaic.


If you are interested in applying for a Mosaic scholarship, please click here.

Marketing - $1,200

Website, Social Media and Print

Building a website, spreading the word to potential attendees, and creating a brand that will carry this project for generations. The marketing budget includes costs for website hosting, development, and maintenance.

Recouping 2023 Losses - $4,995

Ensuring Mosaic’s Future

The Sondering organization played a vital role in the first presentation of Mosaic by offering to provide the seed money and cover costs for the inaugural experimental gathering. Following the Mosaic gathering in 2023, the project incurred a net financial loss of $4,995.21. 


To ensure the longevity and sustainability of Mosaic, we’re committed to recovering these losses. Surplus financial offerings and donations from the generous community for Mosaic 2024 will play a crucial role in balancing the overall costs incurred during Mosaic 2023. Any additional funds beyond the required amount will be prudently saved and earmarked for the next exciting installment of Mosaic in 2025.


Protecting the Canvas

At Mosaic, we are dedicated to the preservation and sustainability of Gateway Ranch, our cherished event venue. While Gateway Ranch generously donates the use of their land for Mosaic, they have implemented an Environmental Impact Mitigation Fee to offset the environmental footprint of the event. This nominal fee of $30 per car entering the property during the event aims to encourage carpooling, minimizing the number of individual vehicles accessing the site. 


We want to emphasize that this is not a fee charged by Mosaic; 100% of this fee goes directly to Gateway Ranch to assist in their environmental sustainability goals.


Your support is vital in upholding this commitment to environmental stewardship, and Gateway Ranch’s ongoing efforts to maintain and preserve the natural beauty of the land. We appreciate your collaboration in creating a harmonious relationship with the environment at Gateway Ranch. Together, we can ensure that Mosaic remains a beacon of responsible event management, embodying the principles of environmental sustainability.


Your donations play a crucial role in making Mosaic accessible to a diverse range of community members. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $750 for Mosaic 2024, which will fully fund the minimum donations for at least 10 Mosaic participants. These scholarships ensure that more community members can partake in the co-creation of Mosaic, contributing their unique perspectives to our collective experience.

Mosaic’s commitment to accessibility is ingrained in its core values. We recognize that financial constraints should not be a barrier to experiencing the transformative energy of our gathering. We pledge to uphold the principle of inclusivity by allocating 5% of the financial contributions we receive to fund participation scholarships for those who need it.

$ 0


Happy Recipients
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Thank you for joining us in fostering an inclusive and vibrant community at Mosaic. Your support makes a meaningful impact, creating a space where everyone can contribute, learn, and grow together.

Experiment Methodology

Embracing the scientific method’s principles, Mosaic embarks on a journey of curiosity that extends beyond boundaries, exploring community-building, artistic expression, and personal growth.

1. Observations

Communities, leaders, festival organizers, and industry enthusiasts have collectively observed a rising desire for more accessible, transformative intentional gatherings. This stems from a shared recognition of the limitations in existing event models, sparking a quest for something distinctive and community-driven. Notably, there has been an observed lack of accessible, not-for-profit, community-built intentional gatherings of this size. We’ve also observed that, within the collective consciousness, there's a profound acknowledgment of a missing link—a gap between the extraordinary experiences of transformative gatherings and the routines of our daily lives. Mosaic arises from the recognition that such gatherings can serve as bridges, seamlessly integrating the extraordinary into the fabric of our ordinary existence.

2. Question

The intriguing question arises: How can the vibrant individuals within our communities and festival circles collaborate to create an event that transcends conventional norms? This is not merely about organizing a gathering but envisioning an inclusive space where transparency, trust, and collaboration form the very fabric of the experience.

3. Hypothesis

The daring hypothesis takes form—an experiment named Mosaic, envisioned as a departure from profit-driven motives. The belief is that by embracing openness, collaboration, and transparency, Mosaic can cultivate a transformative experience that stands apart from traditional event paradigms. We hypothesize that collectively, we can create a system that provides as much or more value than a for-profit ticketed event, by organizing the incredible talent and wisdom that is abundant within our regional community. This hypothesis forms the core of Mosaic, challenging the status quo and aiming to demonstrate a new, sustainable model for intentional gatherings.

4. Prediction

At Mosaic, what we know for sure is that there is an immeasurable amount of talent and wisdom around us, both known and undiscovered, that is waiting in the wings. We predict that our community will respond to Mosaic in droves, and we will collectively create an unforgettable experience for ourselves and our community. Picture a vibrant tapestry of talents, ideas, and experiences converging to create an atmosphere that goes beyond the ordinary festival landscape. This anticipation forms the heart of our prediction, underscoring the belief that Mosaic will be a catalyst for a powerful, collaborative, and transformative gathering.

5. Experimentation

In the stunning backdrop of Gateway Ranch, Mosaic 2024 unfolds as a living canvas for our ongoing experiment. Building upon the insights gathered from Mosaic 2023 results and feedback from former participants, this year's gathering encapsulates the essence of the do-it-yourself spirit, collaborative synergy, and the diverse tapestry of talents. It exemplifies our belief that a gathering can transcend the ordinary and become a dynamic platform for collective creativity and expression. With a commitment to continuous improvement, we've carefully considered feedback from the 2023 experiment and participants, implementing adjustments and enhancements for Mosaic 2024. To explore the specifics of this year's variables and improvements, visit the Results page.

6. Analysis

Rigorous analysis becomes the cornerstone of understanding Mosaic's success and impact. Through participant feedback, meticulous observation, and analytical examination, we aim to discern whether the principles of transparency, collaboration, and accessibility are authentically embedded in the event's fabric.

7. Conclusion

After a period of reflection, the collective draws conclusions regarding Mosaic's success. This is not a one-time venture but a continuous journey, with each iteration informing the next. The conclusion is not just a summary but a stepping stone to refinement and evolution.

8. Communication

The commitment to transparency extends beyond the event itself. Findings, narratives, accolades, and lessons learned are communicated openly. Mosaic's story is shared with the community, fellow event organizers, and those intrigued by the potential of creating gatherings that are distinctive, community-driven, and transformative.