may 3-5, 2024

Gateway Ranch, Northern Arizona

An experimental gathering.
not for profit... for purpose.


a shared experience, where diverse minds unite to shape a world of boundless possibilities, within the gates of Mosaic and beyond.


with a community of dreamers and doers to join the dance of celebration, laughter, powerful transformations and collective healing.


energizing collaboration with like-minded visionaries, exploring impactful discussions that spark positive change.


a transformative journey of personal and communal growth, as Catalysts and Creators propel the ripple effect of positive impact within ourselves and our communities.

Mosaic welcomes artists, healers, performers, DJs and musicians, event producers, passionate community members and builders, visionaries, dreamers and doers who are eager to contribute to the co-creation of a transformative and intentional world. If you’re someone who values community, dreams beyond boundaries, and seeks meaningful connections while actively participating in discussions and collaborative experiences, Mosaic is the perfect space for you. Your presence and contribution can enrich the collective tapestry of Mosaic. Apply as a Creator or register as a Catalyst now to be part of this immersive experience.

What’s the Difference?

The Mosaic gathering is built by you, the Creators and Catalysts, and the result is a beautiful amalgamation our collective contributions. At its core, Mosaic is a three-day self-sufficient camping gathering where you can expect intentional workshops and round table discussions geared toward personal and community development, ceremonies, time to reflect, live music, new friends, and a refreshed world view. But also expect the unexpected. No one fully knows what all will show up at Mosaic…

We will continue to accomplish Mosaic’s mission the way all great things are accomplished: by working together. Participation in this gathering requires either applying as a Creator or registering as a Catalyst. Both the Creator application and Catalyst registration will both provide opportunities to share the contribution you’d like to make to Mosaic. More on the Creator applications and Catalyst registrations in the “What Do I Do Next” section below.

Though Mosaic is a not-for-profit gathering, there are some hard costs associated with hosting a gathering of this size. Essential services like security, harm reduction, medical, audio/visual production, land preservation, fuel, etc. all cost money. The Mosaic production team is working vigilantly and donating our time and resources to produce this event at the lowest possible cost, while still providing a valuable experience. Accessibility is a cornerstone of Mosaic, so financial offerings will be accepted on a sliding scale where applicants/registrants can support the gathering based on their means. 

If you’re still reading, we’re going to assume you’re sold on the concept of Mosaic and want to know how you can get involved.


First, we need to understand if you’re applying as a Creator or registering as a Catalyst. Let’s explore the differences and similarities:


Creators – Craft the Experience 


Mosaic Creators are the artists, DJs, musicians, or anyone with a vision that requires an audience or scheduled participation. If your contribution needs a spot on the lineup or the gathering map, this is where you apply. Bring your interactive art piece, art car, performance or any other immersive contribution to make Mosaic vibrant and memorable.


Creator applications are closed for 2024. Thank you to all who applied!



Catalysts – Soak up the Magic, Spread the Joy


Catalysts play a vital role beyond planned speeches, presentations or performances on stage. They are the heartbeat of unscheduled magic, the facilitators of spontaneous surprises, and the essential volunteers that shape the essence of Mosaic. Eager to absorb the energy and knowledge within the gathering, Catalysts are not just participants; they are the unsung heroes, ready to transform their Mosaic experience into positive ripples that resonate in themselves and their communities.


Note: There is a limited supply of 222 Catalyst slots available. We recommend registering as soon as possible, before space runs out.


Register as a Catalyst


We are embarking on this journey to prove that a not-for-profit, accessible, transparent event is not only possible, but perfect.


These are the folks who have signed on to help make this vision a reality. The door is open if your organization sounds like a good fit.