engage with intention

may 3-5, 2024 | Gateway Ranch, northern arizona

At Mosaic every participant is a vital contributor, actively shaping an experience beyond the ordinary. Whether you’re an artist, visionary, healer, workshop facilitator, speaker, or simply eager to absorb the magic and ignite positive change in your community, your role plays a pivotal part in co-creating this experimental gathering.


This ambitious project involves many moving parts, and we’ve witnessed the incredible spirit of this community in action, notably during Mosaic 2023. Together, we believe that anything is possible. As we navigate the journey to Mosaic 2024, certain fundamental aspects of how Mosaic operates and how you can play a role are worth noting. Let’s explore the essential information that defines the Mosaic experience and outlines how you can actively participate.

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Mosaic’s commitment to accessibility is ingrained in its core values. We recognize that financial constraints should not be a barrier to experiencing the transformative energy of our gathering. We pledge to uphold the principle of inclusivity by allocating a portion of the financial offerings we receive to fund participation scholarships for those who need it.

Your financial offerings play a crucial role in making Mosaic accessible to a diverse range of community members. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $750 for Mosaic 2024, which will fully fund the minimum financial offering for at least 10 Mosaic participants. These scholarships ensure that more community members can partake in the co-creation of Mosaic, contributing their unique perspectives to our collective experience.


To apply for a Mosaic scholarship or learn more about our commitment to accessibility, please click here.


Thank you for joining us in fostering an inclusive and vibrant community at Mosaic. Your support makes a meaningful impact, creating a space where everyone can contribute, learn, and grow together.

Mosaic is built on a self-reliant and leave-no-trace ethos, embodying our commitment to environmental stewardship. We kindly ask that all attendees embrace this ethos by responsibly disposing of their waste and leaving no trace behind, ensuring the preservation of our beautiful surroundings.


Please note that there will not be available drinking water at Mosaic. In the spirit of radical self-reliance, we urge all participants to bring a sufficient supply of drinking water for their stay. We recommend bringing around 2 gallons per day.


Mosaic and Gateway Ranch will provide the following amenities for participants:


– Car camping (with purchase of Vehicle Pass)

– RV camping (with purchase of RV Pass)

– Cozy chill-out areas

– Designated fire gathering areas (no unsanctioned fires outside of these areas)

– On-site outhouses and porta potties

– A dedicated medical team

– Compassionate harm reduction staff to support a safe and positive environment

– A 40’x60’ circus tent to provide a break from the elements

– The Temple of Life: A conversation-free quiet space for meditation, reflection and sound healing

– The Hooghan: A gathering place for meaningful conversation, connection and storytelling.

– The Hypothesis Stage: A 100% community run stage at Mosaic. More information in the Hypothesis Stage section below.

Mosaic prioritizes creating an inclusive and respectful environment for participants of all ages. Please note that anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and we will check IDs at the gate to ensure compliance with this policy. Everyone ages 13 and up is required to register as a Catalyst or apply as a Creator. Children ages 12 and under do not require registration or an application.


At Mosaic, we believe in fostering a community where everyone actively contributes to the unique and transformative experience. By encouraging children aged 13 and up to register as Catalysts or apply as Creators, we aim to instill a sense of participation and responsibility in the younger members of our community. This approach allows them to engage with the gathering in a more intentional and meaningful way, contributing to the collective energy and becoming active agents in co-creating the Mosaic experience. It’s a way of empowering the next generation to play a vital role in shaping the culture of our community.


Please note: While we uphold standards that prohibit graphic sexual content, gore, and hateful speech, we embrace tasteful and artistic expressions, including nudity and discussions of challenging subject matter. During the day, we’re committed to maintaining a PG-rated atmosphere. However, as the evening unfolds after 10 pm, we encourage parents to gauge their comfort levels, recognizing the evolving nature of the Mosaic experience. 

Every dollar given to this not-for-profit gathering is put directly into the event. If you can cover the cost of your attendance, amazing! If you are in a position to help cover the cost of attendance for those who are not able to contribute financially, we offer our sincerest gratitude, on behalf of the Mosaic production team and those whose attendance is secured through your generosity.

In order to ensure accessibility, promote fairness, and distribute costs, we ask that everyone, both Creators and Catalysts, make a financial donation to Mosaic as part of their contribution. Your support ensures that Mosaic remains an inclusive and vibrant gathering, fueled by the collective generosity of its community.

While Gateway Ranch generously donates the use of its land to Mosaic, the venue has imposed an Environmental Impact Mitigation Fee of $30 for vehicles under 24” length, and $60 for vehicles over 24” length, to address the environmental consequences associated with the event. This nominal fee is designed to encourage sustainable practices, such as carpooling, aiming to minimize impact on the property’s delicate ecosystem. The collected funds directly contribute to maintaining roads and pathways, ensuring minimal disruption to the natural surroundings.


Please note: This fee is not a charge imposed by Mosaic; instead, 100% of the proceeds go directly to Gateway Ranch to support its environmental sustainability goals. This fee is mandatory for each event vehicle and reflects a shared commitment to responsible environmental practices and the preservation of the natural beauty of Gateway Ranch.

Mosaic is built on the collective spirit of our community, and we invite you to become an essential part of it. Committing to one or two volunteer hours during the weekend plays a pivotal role in making this event run smoothly. Your dedication to lending a helping hand strengthens the bonds within our gathering and embodies the spirit of co-creation that defines Mosaic. 


We are actively seeking volunteers for various roles, including gate attendants, vibe checkers/activators, harm reductionists (previous experience preferred), event setup, and breakdown, as well as MOOP sweepers. The collaborative effort of the community volunteering in these areas also significantly contributes to keeping costs low, ensuring that Mosaic remains accessible to all. Thank you for being an integral part of making this event extraordinary.

The Hypothesis Stage is a 100% community run stage at Mosaic. Speakers, musicians, performers, etc. can sign up for a time slot to share their unique contribution with an audience of eager participants.


At Mosaic 2023, there was so much incredible stuff going on throughout the weekend, that we were all faced with difficult choices about which of the amazing offerings to participate in. In response to this feedback from last year, we are limiting Creator applications and tightening up the schedule for 2024. Even though we are limiting spaces on the official lineup and schedule this year, we are committed to providing an accessible platform for self-expression and knowledge sharing for our community members. Enter The Hypothesis Stage.


This dynamic space, pulsating with the eclectic spirit of our Catalysts and Creators, is a haven for radical expression and community-led experimentation. Whether you’re a first-time performer or a seasoned pro, your unique expression is welcome. Claim a time slot and showcase your gifts, be it through music, presentations, or any other form of artistic brilliance.


Time slots at the Hypothesis Stage are filled on a first-come, first-served basis during the event — there’s no pre-event sign-up.

Do you represent a business or organization that aligns with our vision and values? Want to help us make Mosaic 2024 an extraordinary reality? We’re eager to explore collaboration opportunities. 


These are the organizations that have committed to  making this vision a reality:





The door is open if your organization sounds like a good fit to contribute towards bringing this vision to life. Reach out to us and let’s start a conversation.

Embrace and Express Your Authentic Self: Come as you are, and allow others to do the same.


Practice Kindness: Foster a community of compassion. Practice kindness toward yourself and others, and help cultivate a culture of vulnerability where everyone feels safe and valued.


Burn Responsibly: If you plan to spin fire, only spin in designated areas after attending our fire safety workshop. Prioritize safety.


Respect Boundaries: Honor personal and emotional boundaries. Cultivate an atmosphere of respect and consent by respecting boundaries.


Consume Consciously: If you choose to partake, please only use alcohol or other legal substances responsibly, mindfully and safely.


Keep It Legal: Abide by the law and respect the regulations governing our gathering.


Stay on Designated Paths: Help ensure the preservation of this precious landscape by sticking to existing roads and pathways. 


Secure Your Belongings: Unexpected wind gusts can reach 80mph+ at Gateway Ranch. Prepare for unpredictable weather by strongly securing your tent, trash, and personal items.


Leave No Trace: Maintain a tidy space and contribute to the cleanliness of the communal areas. If you see MOOP, please pick it up even if it’s not yours. We’ve got each others’ backs. 


Practice Self-Reliance: Bring everything you need to sustain yourself and enjoy your experience.


Express Yourself Fearlessly: Actively express yourself and encourage others to do the same. Embrace radical self-expression and let your unique self shine!


Use Propane Only: Prioritize safety in open flames. Use propane cooking stoves and fire pits with an on/off switch in designated areas. No burning trash or wood outside of designated, venue-maintained fires. 


Respect Restricted Zones: The houses at Gateway Ranch are private residences and are not accessible without proper credentials. Please respect and uphold the boundaries in place.


Actively Ensure Safety: Actively participate in ensuring safety for yourself and others. Play an active role in creating a safe, secure and enjoyable environment.


Celebrate Diversity: Actively embrace the richness of our diverse community. Learn, share, and celebrate the unique perspectives that each Catalyst brings to Mosaic.